ElectoTrumps is an experimental card game about energy experiments

What connects foundational experiments in the history of electricity – like those carried out by Faraday, Edison, Swan and Tesla - to contemporary experiments with smart, digital systems or low-tech renewable mini-grids?

Play ElectroTrumps and discuss.

How will you play?

Will you choose to explore the difference between electrical experiments, tests, trials and demonstrations? Will you choose to highlight gender disparities in the power industries and in engineering research? Will you uncover hitherto unrecognised figures? Will you demonstrate an emphasis on particular fields or reveal a funding-driven focus on particular technologies? Will you generate alternate histories of electrical technologies?

ZETA FUSION REACTOR Faraday’s induction experiment Luigi Galvani’s Twitching
Frog’s Leg Experiment AlessandroVolta and 
the first battery General Fusion Benjamin Franklin and 
the Kite experiment Colville Lake solar project Renewable energy and gender Perth Wave 
Energy Project Manhattan
Project/Trinity Test Tengeh Reservoir
floating solar panels The Transactive Grid rechargeable lithium 
ion battery Kivu Watt Methane Plant The Solar Suitcase

Rules for Playing ElectroTrumps

ElectroTrumps can be played with a deck of 30, 42, 48 or 52 cards. ElectroTrumps is a game for two or more players. The object of ElectroTrumps is to complete a full pack of playing cards and then to win all the cards.

Preparing the Cards

A selection of 15 ElectroTrump cards can be downloaded from this website. Additional cards must be designed by the players. An ElectroTrumps playing card template can be downloaded below. In the process of inventing new cards players are invited to discuss or modify the theme, develop sub-sets, and review the categories.

Playing the Game

To play, begin by shuffling a full deck of playing cards. Deal the cards until each player has an equal number, discarding any remaining cards. Agree who will begin, and decide the direction of play. The starting player chooses one of the categories or attributes on the cards as a trump. One at a time each player selects one card from their hand and reads out the value of that category or attribute. Whoever has the highest value in the trump category wins and collects all the other players’ cards in this round. The winning player chooses the next trump category from another card in their pile. If a player loses all their cards they are out of the game. The rounds continue until one player has collected all the cards.

Download the rules

Click the link below to download the rules and variations for playing the game.

Download the cards

Click the link below to download all 15 cards in PDF format. You can then print the PDF and cut them out (we reccomend printing onto card).

Download the template

If you want to design your own card, you can download a template here (Adobe InDesign format). You will need to install the fonts used in the template (Montserrat and Roboto Condensed), which can be downloaded for free from here and here.